Instanbul, Turkey

Season -A/W


Outfit Details :

  1. A black high low frill dress with a statement bow at the back 
  2. A statement Gold Neckpiece to elevate the Basic Black Look 
  3. A stole tuned into a turban (not for religion) 
  4. Bell Bottoms Since it was just too cold to wear a dress 
  5. Carried a Jacket for The evening time. It got really cold hence we had to buy some Shawls from he local shops there. 

Lets Dive into What we did there :

Tired from the travel ( Kolkata – Delhi – Istanbul ) of over 14 hours, half the day went by while we rested. We stayed just for a day in Raddison which was pretty close to the city center hence around 3ish we walked to the Grand Mosque. That took about 3-4 Hours since it was THE tourist season and the entry lines were huge !

The lines got  little overwhelming at that point hence we left and went for a Yatch Ride which I cannot emphasis enough on. It was basically the highlight of the entire trip. And I can say that since I’m writing this after the trip is over having experienced all the bliss Turkey had to offer. 

We came running back to our hotel since it got freezing untill 10pm and we weren’t sufficiently dressed. We opted for Dinner in our room and packed our bags for the Ride the next day 😉


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